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All-in-One Door Shop in Brandon

We at Windsor Plywood Brandon have a door shop to help you with any custom size door. We are experienced in working with interior slab, bifold, steel and fibreglass doors. We offer knock-down door units for the new builds, and if you want to replace a door, we can help you with that too. We can do machine hinges to match any existing opening for your new door and ensure the hole is drilled for your doorknob to go back into. We understand that many homes have smaller doors, and we can cut your door both in height and width and reinsert the block to ensure your door's stability stays strong. We can even cut out a panel and put louvres in a door for you.

Exterior doors have all the options listed above, but we have a few more selections to ensure that your door is one of a kind or meets the needs you want. We can cut out to put a sealed window unit in, build a sidelite combo for you, and even cut out a peephole. Not only does our door shop help ensure that everything matches, but we have also built many one-of-a-kind barn doors. Bring in your design and see what we can do!

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Engineered Flooring

Latest flooring options, from vinyl to hardwood and engineered floors, we have it all.

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