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One-Stop-Shop for Quality Wooden Products in Brandon

Windsor Plywood Brandon has a one-of-a-kind woodshop in store that offers several wood services to help customers make their conception become a reality. Customers are always fascinated by the work we do in our shop once they find out about this little hidden gem in the store.

We can help you cut stair stringers in both saw cuts or mortises. If you need your whole staircase built, we can do that too, in both open or closed rise. We have even been known to construct the odd spiral staircase on-site as well!

If you want a custom butcher block done, we have a wide variety of woods to choose from in the store. Our shop will cut, glue and clamp it all together for you! We even have a planner to help ensure projects like the butcher block leaves the store smooth and is ready for the finish that you will apply.

Windsor’s woodshop has taken many live-edge wood pieces and made countertops, bar tops, tables, benches, and so much more. Whatever you can imagine, we can fabricate for you! Maybe you want a custom-style barn door. Our woodshop can do that too! We also ensure that every interior door built is a minimum thickness of 1-3/8” to help prevent your door from buckling or twisting.

We have built cedar hope chests, hot air and cold air returns, shutters, and even urns. Our woodshop can help you with all your milling, planning and jointing needs! There isn’t a job that’s too small or too big that Windsor’s woodshop can’t tackle! Please bring in your design today to see what we can do for you!

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